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Commanding a fine view of Alacati, Chigdem Hotel greets the day with the sunrise. This hotel reflects the peace and nature among the bougainvilles overlooking Alacati's famous windmills. You can start the night sipping wine on the terrace-bar watching the sunset. It was constructed by certified engineer Batacar Baysal who made a surprise and gave his wife's name to the hotel(Çiğdem) and was decorated bytheir daughter-in-law, Gunel Baysal.

Crocus Flower

Crocus flower, Colchium in Latin, is originally native to Eurasia. It is plant of woodlands ; blossoming in a variety of colors, standing out to strong winds with its fragile body, reminding us to endure and the power of existence. It has 59 species, 30 of which grow in Turkey. These flowers appear in the late winter often emerging in a colony when hardly a few plants blossom in the meantime. Flower color ranges from yellow, pink and blue, to a vast array of shades.

Known as one of the most expensive spices of the world, Saffron is is obtained from the stigmas of of Crocus sativus. It was used to provide with nice odour for the baths by the ancient Grek and Roman. Crocuses have the late-winter/early spring bulbs. They are the first blossoms of spring and autumn. They have a short flowering period and after a two week process they end up with their buds. They survive until the next year by their bulbs storing the nutritives. These are the bulbs sold by the florists. It means you can grow any color of these flowers in your garden.

Our hotel took its name from our hostess who took her name from these flowers: CHIGDEM.

Special Category Hotel

Special Category hotels contributes to the tourism and are supported by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. They have at least one of the characteristics given below by the law:

  • Architectural genuineness

  • Historical value
  • A touch of nature
  • Artistic value
  • Local, national and international composition, decoration
  • Constructed and decorated with top quality and original material

Operatin of this kind of hotels need to carry at least one of the characteristics given below:

  • Being a trademark or having a reputation, nationally or internationally, at least for five years
  • Reflecting local, national or international culture

At special category hotels, the staff, the number of which has to be 20% of the total bed number, must be experienced and educated for high quality service.

For further info : http://www.kultur.gov.tr/

                      The Certificate of Registered Trademark                                           The Certificate of Tourism Establishment


Chigdem Family

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               Batuhan - Ayşegül Baysal , Bataçar - Çiğdem Baysal , Günel - Bahadır Baysal

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